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We are a  group of volunteers who especially enjoy learning about all aspects of the Regency period (1790 - 1820). From literature, to costuming, to music and dance. We dance "English country dances" for enjoyment and we like  to encourage others to dance as well.
At public events, our goal is to accurately represent the historic time period, engage our audience in a friendly way and to support our host site in their educational and fundraising missions.
As an "affinity group", we have no constitution, by-laws or governance structure.  Event planning is a collaborative activity and all ideas for programs are welcomed and appreciated. There are no dues, however fees for workshops & special events may apply. 
All are welcome to participate in our activities and we especially encourage newcomers in their dream of reliving history, dancing,  sewing and learning about the Regency period.
                          Do join us !
      English Country Dancing in the Upper Assembly Room at Bath   

Juice of the Barley Medley D & G Hildebrand
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In her classic book  The Playford Ball, 103 Early English Country Dances, Kate van Winkle Keller  describes English country dancing           
 as a "pleasing alternative" to formal court dances, because it is danced in sets of two, three or four couples "for as many as will". 

Throughout the 18th century, longways dances with figures that  form patterns and  repeat down the line of dancers were extremely popular. Some dances are stately, some lively and some raucous. But "....by 1800 square set cotillions and early waltzes were on the ascendancy and soon longways dances were a lingering memory." 

Fortunately for us, the music and instructions for English country dances (ECD) were published annually and were bestsellers in their time, so a vast archive exists and remains vibrant to this day. The popularity of ECD  is worldwide and one can even learn ECD by watching YouTube clips of dancers from all over the world! The music is incomparable and it is the greatest fun,  just as it was two centuries ago.  Sociable, engaging and easily learned . . . . . . 

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1811 Napoleon Ball Chateau Marquette
November 26, 2011Chateau MarquetteHeemskerk, The NetherlandsVideo created by Holger Rinkehttp://www.stichtingreverence.nl

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