An Invitation to 1814!                  
"I have no other moral than to tag the present story "Vanity Fair". Some consider Fairs immoral all together . . .  But persons who think otherwise  may perhaps like to step in for an half hour and look at the performance. There are scenes of all sorts; some dreadful combats; some grand and lofty horse-riding; some scenes of high life and some of very middling indeed; some love-making for the sentimental; and some light comic business . . . . . . . . ."      
                                                                        Vanity Fair

Unlike Jane Austen who famously wrote "Let other pens dwell on guilt and misery", William Makepeace Thackeray colorfully laid out all aspects of the "Eighteen- teens" in his epic novel Vanity Fair; a Novel Without a Hero".  While it is true there is no HERO, Rebecca Sharp most certainly remains the HEROINE of this tale of the Napoleonic Wars that has no equal in the English language. Born in 1811 in India and educated in Regency England, Thackeray's "Vanity Fair" was an instant bestseller which eventually catapulted him to  fame equal to that of Charles Dickens. With modern candor and clarity, he brilliantly takes Miss Sharp out of "the knife box" where she would have stayed had this been Georgian England ca. 1790. Instead, and quite happily for us, Rebecca Sharp is out and about! In this novel we see the "Fair" of a profligate Regency England,  Napoleon Bonaparte's relentlessly terrifying battle for Europe, with the "innocent"  United States of America caught in the middle. In 1813, Britain had been fighting "Uncle Boney" for twenty long years and the  United States of America  for a year. It was the very first "World War" the world had ever seen. 1814 was an epic year! We invite you to join us to learn more about it, as we dance, dine & enjoy all aspects of the Fair to which we will bear witness.   

 Welcome to the Regency Period ! 

New Bath Minuet D.Hildebrand on Pianoforte
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As a group of Regency Era Enthusiasts, we endeavour to celebrate all aspects of the period some call the Regency Period (1811-1820); some call the Federal Period (1789 - 1820) and others, the Napoleonic Era (1793-1814). 

Whatever one chooses to call it, since Jane Austen's life (1775 - 1817) spanned this most remarkable era AND since she writes of it so wittily and well, it is hard to resist her claim on most aspects of it, even if she almost totally ignores the world war raging around her.  

However . . .  rather than dancing on the head of this pin, let us dance with each other instead, dine with each other, sew with each other and take tea with each other. For THAT is precisely what we invite you to join us to do. 

We are an "Assembly" or  group of 21st c. admirers of Regency Era music,  architecture, fashion & dance. We love tea and company! We enjoy Jane Austen's sharp wit, wonderful characters & happy endings. Emperor Napoleon and his consort Josephine do fascinate us as well and First Lady Dolley Madison is simply irresistable!

Kindly consult our Calendar & plan to join us at a Assembly dance, tea or picnic. By all means come ! Truly,  dressing in the year 1814 is not required! 

     We  welcome  one  &  all ! 
 Do join us !
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                 Over the Hills & Far Away;
       Being a Collection of Music from 18th-Century Annapolis
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